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Damiaan Reijnaers

Hi, I'm

an idealistic nerd with a passion for life.
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Hi, I'm Damiaan; an idealistic nerd with a passion for life.

Damiaan Reijnaers

I'm a multifaceted specialist grown by enthusiasm for all things revolutionary — I'm an all-round web adventurer, with an affinity for security and AI, and an expert in Russian, Eurasian, and Slavic studies.

In the media.


TV news bulletin

13 december 2012

Journaal op 3

“Campagne op de campus„

1 maart 2017


Video interview

12 januari 2017

GeenStijl TV

“‘Reteslimme’ jongeling op lijst GeenPeil„

12 januari 2017


“‘Jonge hacker laat 20.000 mensen onwetend twitteren„

13 december 2012

RTL Nieuws

“Roosendaler start anti-website stichting BREIN na torrentverbod„

14 januari 2012

Omroep Brabant

“Roosendaalse tiener vindt lek in Hyves„

22 april 2009

BN De Stem

“‘Kamerleden worden ‘doorgeefluik’ van wat onze kiezers vinden’„

12 maart 2017

Roosendaalse Bode

Political commercial

14 maart 2017

Omroep Brabant

“Scriptkiddie bedient 20k twitteraccounts. In 1 keer„

13 december 2012


“‘We willen eerlijk en oprecht een betere democratie’, Damiaan Reijnaers wil dat met GeenPeil„

14 maart 2017

Omroep Brabant

“‘Computernerd’ Damiaan Reijnaers uit Roosendaal vindt lek in dating-app Skout„

24 december 2012

Omroep Brabant

“Dutch script kiddie pwns 20,000 Twitter profiles„

14 december 2012

The Register

“Truc verschaft Nederlander toegang tot 20.000 Twitter-accounts„

13 december 2012


“Tiener (13) vindt lek in Hyves„

22 april 2009

Nederlands Dagblad

“Slimme Hyves-hacker„

mei 2009


“Ik hou me sinds mijn tiende bezig met programmeren„

14 mei 2009


A selection of stories.

Paraguaipoa, Venezuela

On Dangerous Ground in Venezuela

The economic crisis in Venezuela is among the worst ever experienced in human history, and to say disaster has struck is a big understatement.

“I had been held by four policemen, with handcuffs at the ready, demanding I give them all the money I had with me.„

Daulatdia, Bangladesh

The dark sides of Bangladesh

Reporting on child prostitution, the garment industry, and ship breaking yards

“During my trips through Bangladesh, I got to know a country of great and exceptional beauty; a country distinct from others because of its hospitality and soul. But at the same time, it was a country of great misery.„

Dzerzhinsk, Russia

The toxic wastes of Dzerzhinsk

Dzerzhinsk, situated in Russia, is one of the world’s most polluted towns.

“Its population has a life expectancy of only 42 years.„

Academic publications.

(Excluding unpublished works)

  • 27 May 2021
  • ReScience C
Reijnaers, Damiaan J. W. and van de Pavert, Daniël B. and Scheuer, Giguru and Huang, Liang

[Re] Explaining Groups of Points in Low-Dimensional Representations